Recovery Solutions for Business

Has your business faced unforeseeable circumstances that are likely to affect its ability to operate profitably and meet its ongoing financial obligations? Are you concerned about the business’s poor financial performance or cash flow, which may impact its ability to continue trading? If so, RRI Advisory can help you create a recovery plan that is tailored to your business and its current financial challenges.

How we can Assist You

Our primary objective is to help you stabilize your business, improve performance, and increase profitability, enabling your business to establish a solid and stable foundation for sustainable growth in the future. Our team of specialists leverages their extensive experience and knowledge in financial, operational, and management aspects across a broad range of industries and businesses, from small local companies to large publicly listed entities.

We have a unique set of skills that enable us to design a recovery strategy that is best suited to your business without resorting to formal insolvency arrangements. Our services include:

  • Strategic business reviews
  • Investigative accountants’ reports
  • Performance improvement
  • Assistance with finance facilities
  • Shareholder management and negotiation
  • Distressed financing and refinancing
  • Cash and working capital strategy
  • Cost and overhead reductions
  • Asset review and divestment strategy
  • Exit planning and implementation

Early Intervention is Key

The key to a successful recovery strategy is early intervention, and RRI Advisory has the expertise to assist you in implementing an effective plan. Our team of experts will work with you closely to develop and execute a tailored recovery plan that prioritizes your business’s needs and objectives.

In conclusion, if your business is facing financial challenges, we can help you stabilize, rebuild, and enhance its performance, enabling it to grow sustainably into the future.

If you would like to speak to one our friendly insolvency professionals please book an appointment utilising the link below.