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Our team of experienced insolvency practitioners can give you the proper professional assistance  to help you recover from your current financial situation.

Who we are

RRI Advisory was established in 2020 and brings together a team of highly experienced Insolvency Practitioners and Business Recovery Specialists with the aim of utilising our expertise in assisting our clients and their businesses that may be experiencing financial difficulties and bring peace of mind to them at a difficult time in their lives.

We offer professional business recovery and restructuring solutions, together with insolvency services including liquidation support, business advisory, debt restructuring and turnaround solutions to individuals and businesses, together with providing support to solicitors, accountants and their clients.

We will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. 

From appointing a voluntary administrator or liquidator to filing for bankruptcy, we’re here to help assist you (or your client) through the process. 

We are happy to meet with you and your client for an obligation free discussion. Talk to us today.


Tailored Solutions

As insolvency practitioners and specialists in corporate recovery and restructuring, RRI Advisory can recommend a number of alternative options for you (or your clients) depending on your individual financial circumstances. These include:


Your business may experience any number of events that are beyond your control and that adversely impact your ability to continue operating.

Alternatively, you may have identified issues regarding poor profitability and cashflow of the business or issues arising with your lenders that may result in future financial distress.

Early intervention is essential to ensure that underperforming businesses are able to avoid severe damage to their operations and reputations through the use of an effective business recovery strategy. Our dedicated insolvency practitioners will work with you to formulate and implement a recovery plan that prioritises preserving and enhancing the value within your business.

When it is no longer business as usual, you must act quickly and decisively to avoid critical complications occurring to your business.

    Voluntary Administration Meaning


    After we assist you in reviewing your individual financial circumstances, your insolvency practitioner may find that the financial position of your business requires a more formal restructuring process to be undertaken. Accordingly, we might recommend you consider a business restructuring plan that could include the following options:

    • A Small Business Restructuring Plan
    • Voluntary Administration
    • Deed of Company Arrangement

    Whilst these options are often viewed as a last resort, they can be used as an effective tool to enact a comprehensive restructuring strategy that will maximise the future viability of your business, whilst providing protection to you as directors of the business.

    A tailored restructuring plan best suited to your individual circumstances will set you on the right path for future success. 



      In the event that a recovery or restructuring strategy is not achievable for your business and you are wanting to bring the business to a close then liquidation may be the preferred option. 

      There are three types of liquidation that our team of insolvency practitioners can assist you with, which are:

      • Court Liquidation
      • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
      • Members Voluntary Liquidation

      By undertaking a liquidation of your company you are able to meet your obligations as directors of the company and formally bring the business to a close ensuring that no loose ends or surprises will arise in the future.

      Assisting your Client

      At RRI Advisory we have a team of insolvency practitioners with a significant history in dealing with corporate recovery, restructuring and insolvency. We have a unique skill set that we can utilise to partner with you to assist your clients through difficult times in their financial and business life. 

      By utilising our skills to implement an appropriate plan, we are able to assist you in maintaining your client relationship and set them on a path for future success.  


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