Help with your clients

Partnering with Insolvency Professionals

Based on our experience, it is common for the accountant, solicitor, or advisor to have the task of determining their client’s true financial position and as a trusted adviser it is important to understand the options available to your client to enable you to provide them with the options and appropriate advice that will best serve your client’s interest.

RRI Advisory have a long history of working with accountants, solicitors and advisors to ensure that you are well informed and feel supported in providing advice on insolvency issues to your clients. Our goal is to work proactively with you to identify the options that are available for your client and assist in explaining these to your client. 

Our goal is to deal with your client’s current circumstances.

Meeting with us

We take our time to meet with you and your client on a complimentary basis for the purpose of understanding their financial position and the unique circumstances they are currently facing. We then advise of the potential options that may be available to them and provide a recommended course of action that may be taken. 

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