Solvency Health Check

RRI Advisory - Solvency Health Check

Under the Corporations Act, Directors have a positive obligation to ensure that their company does not trade and incur new debts whilst it is insolvent. The definition of insolvency is effectively when a company is unable to pay its debts as and when they are due and payable. There are two major tests of insolvency being the balance sheet test and cash flow test (also known as commercial reality test). Over the years, the Courts have generally favoured the use of the cash flow test and have developed a number of indicators of insolvency.

Our Solvency Health Check tool will provide you with a rating of your current level of risk that your company is insolvent, together with suggestions of what to do next.

Using our Solvency Health Check Tool, you will be guided through a short series of questions, which are centred around the indicators of insolvency.

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